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    Laigong Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader Types

As we all know, there are many wheel loader types such as the articulating wheel loader, bucket wheel loader, construction wheel loader, mining wheel loader and rubber tired loader. Laigong manufacturer, a famous Chinese wheel loader manufacturer, is devoted to producing various high-quality construction equipment. The wheel loader is one of the most popular products in our company. Our small and medium wheel loaders are the hottest for the recent 15 years in China. Our company specializes in producing various types of wheel loaders.

Articulated Wheel Loader

In general, the articulated wheel loader refers to the loader machine which is including two parts, the front part and ...
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Bucket Loader For Sale

The bucket loader refers to payloader which is equipped with a front bucket, driven by the power of running system ...
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Best Wheel Loader For Sale

Wheel loaders consist of the engines, the gearboxes, the torque converters, the front and the rear axles. Some one has ...
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Laigong compact wheel loader ZL15 is very durable and comfortable.

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader

Compact articulated wheel loader refers to a kind of compact loader, driven by four wheels and divided into two parts, ...
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Rubber Tired Loaders For Sale

Rubber tired loaders refers to the bucket loaders with the rubber tired wheels. The rubber tired loaders are the most ...
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Mini Bucket Loader

The mini bucket loader is a kind of loader machine with the front end bucket. Mini bucket loaders are mini ...
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Laigong- one of the best wheel loader manufactures is famous for our payloaders/bucket loaders. ZL25 has big loader bucket.

Heavy Equipment – Loader For Sale

Heavy equipment loader is a kind construction equipment, widely used in mining work, paving asphalt, road works, bridge building and ...
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Chinese Wheel Loaders For Sale

Going through decades of development, Chinese wheel loaders have made great progress in the field of wheel loader industry. What ...
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Mini Articulated Loader

The mini articulated loader of Laigong applies to small and medium construction sites, where the concrete is largely needed. When ...
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Laigong has different wheel loader types. ZL25 is very high-efficiency.

Construction Loader

The construction loader is a kind of wheel loader which is regarded as an important heavy equipment. The construction loader ...
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The Wheel Loader Types In Laigong

1. Rubber Tired Loaders

The most important characteristic of Our rubber tired loaders is its tires. The tires are made from superior-quality rubber. Actually, the rubber is always used as the raw material of industry. Moreover, it has the special characteristics of insulation, vibration absorption, and air impermeability. Thus, the rubber tire front end loader of Laigong has outstanding durability, good abrasion resistance and high elasticity.

2.Construction Loaders

Our construction loaders have big buckets, strong power and spacious cabs. Big buckets are beneficial to carry heavy materials. Our construction wheel loaders are four-wheel drive. So, the power is enough strong to accomplish different heavy work quickly and efficiently. Because of the durability and efficiency, They are widely used in construction sites.

Laigong has different wheel loader types. ZL25 is very high-efficiency.
Medium Loader ZL25 Laigong Manufacturer

3.Articulated Loaders

The articulated front end loader is characterized by the articulating device. Our articulating loaders are able to move flexibly and steadily in the limited space.

4. Mining wheel loaders

The mining wheel loader is always used in coal construction. Our mining front end loader is often used to do some loading, unloading and shoveling work.

5.Bucket Loaders

Our bucket wheel loader is equipped with the front end loader bucket. Moreover, the loader buckets can be changed to different devices to finish different works. In addition, our bucket loaders have the quick-attach- detach device. This design makes it easier to change the working device.

Laigong Machinery has various wheel loader types. We are applied to making each machine by heart. Furthermore, we are going after better quality and higher efficiency. In the future, we will still persist in offering our customers good services, “not the best, only better.”

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