• Laigong wheel loader is very popular in China.
    Laigong Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader Sizes

Laigong manufacturer, with over 20-year history, has collective knowledge and rich experience in construction equipment. Our company mainly sells wheel loaders, forklifts and the dump trucks. Thereinto, our wheel loader is the most popular item in China. Given reasonable price and high quality, the output and sales volume of Laigong medium and small loader keep the first place in recent 15 years in China. In addition, there are various wheel loader sizes in our company such as mini wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders, small wheel loaders and medium wheel loaders.

Best Mini Wheel Loaders For Sale

Mini wheel loaders refers to the mini loaders driven by wheels. Mini wheel loaders are always used to shovel and ...
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Laigong® best wheel loader ZL16 is pretty popular. Our best wheel loader has high performance ratio.

Medium Wheel Loaders

Medium wheel loaders are widely used in various large and small construction sites to shovel and load the sand, lime ...
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Laigong wheel loader ZL18 is a big hit.

Small Wheel Loader For Sale

The small wheel loader is often used in small and medium construction sites. For example, construction sites are always in ...
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Best Compact Wheel Loader For Sale

Generally speaking, front end loaders are widely used to shovel, load, unload and transport various material such as garbage, soil, ...
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Laigong compact wheel loader ZL15 is very durable and comfortable.

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader

Compact articulated wheel loader refers to a kind of compact loader, driven by four wheels and divided into two parts, ...
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Mini Articulated Loader

The mini articulated loader of Laigong applies to small and medium construction sites, where the concrete is largely needed. When ...
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Wheel Loader Sizes of Laigong

1.Mini Wheel Loader

The mini payloader of Laigong is equipped with the diesel engine, joystick and steel frame. Our mini front end loader is not only light weight but also durability. For one thing, the light weight means our mini payloader will do little harm to the surface of ground. Moreover, the speed of our miniature front end loader is higher than other machines. In a way, the light weight is beneficial to improve the work efficiency. For another thing, our mini articulated wheel loader is made from the steel. It is more durable and stable.

Mini Payloaders ZL08
Mini Payloaders ZL08

2.Compact Wheel Loader

Our compact front end loaders are compact in size but superior in quality. Laigong manufacturer strives to make high-quality products. Whether for the mini front end loader or for compact loaders, we spare no effort to offer our customers the best services.

Compact payloader Laigong ZL10
Compact payloader Laigong ZL10

3.Small Payloader

Our small wheeled loader adopts our gearbox with national patent. Thus, the average speed of our product is faster than the others. Our customers will enjoy the high efficiency of these small loading shovels. In addition, we use the pilot device to improve the trafficability and reduce the fatigue of drivers.

Small Loaders Laigong ZL16.Laigong manufacturer has wheel loader sizes.
Small Loaders Laigong ZL16

4.Medium Wheel Loader

Our medium wheel loader is one of the most popular wheel loader sizes. The medium sized loaders have big buckets and strong power. Given the four-wheel drive, they are able to complete a number of hard tasks in different occasions.

Medium Loader/Payloader Laigong ZL25
Medium Loader Laigong ZL25

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