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Small Wheel Loader For Sale

The small wheel loader is often used in small and medium construction sites. For example, construction sites are always in great need of the concrete. In the process of mixing the concrete, the raw materials such as the gravel, sand and the cement are mostly carried by manpower from the stock ground to blenders. This method of manual supplying and hand haulage has increased the work cost and reduced the work efficiency. Thus, the manual work doesn’t meet the requirements of modern manufacturing. However, Laigong small wheel loader has solved this problem perfectly.

Laigong small wheel loader/front end loader/scoop loader ZL18
Small Wheel Loader ZL18

Model: ZL 18(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5240×1780×2770
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Yunnei 495 Pressurized(turbo engine)
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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What Makes Laigong Small Wheel Loader Strong?

Laigong manufacturer is famous for the small and medium wheel loaders. When our small loaders were put into the market, people have been falling in love with them. Thus, Laigong manufacturer keeps the champion in both the sales volume and the output of our small wheel loader. The secrets are that our small wheel loaders have a lot of advantages.

1.Rapid working speed.

2.High efficiency.

3.High maneuverability.

4.Easy to operate.

In addition, our loader is wheeled loader with the single front end bucket. We adopts famous engines which are endowed with great power. Moreover, the hydraulic filtration system of our loader has been improved to ensure the fluency and reliability of the oil circuits. Our loader diesel engine is postpositive. The wheel loader steering system is hydraulic pressure, which makes our small articulated wheel loaders easier to operate.

Laigong high-quality and stable small wheel loader ZL20.
Small Wheel Loader ZL20

Model: ZL 20(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2000
Overall dimension (mm): 6600×2050×2870
Bucket width (mm): 2000
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 5500
Engine model: Yuchai4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 76
Tyre: 16/70-20

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What Is the Use of Our Small Wheel Loaders

In general, our small wheel loader is a kind of earth- rock work construction equipment, but our small bucket loaders are not just used for the simple loading work.Then, what is the use that our small wheel loader have?

First, Our small wheel loaders are widely used in mine, railway, ports, buildings and road constructions. Laigong small wheel loaders always applied to load, transport and unload the bulk materials like gravel and coal. Furthermore, our loader machine can be used in constructional engineering, municipal engineering, urban and rural construction project, the urban and rural garden construction, the lime kiln, the cement plant, the stone material factory and the prefabrication factory.

Second, when our small wheel loaders change the loader buckets to the other tools like forks and hooks, they can be used as the bucket hooks loader and the forklift bucket loader. Also, our small wheel loaders can be used to bulldoze, lift and load the timber after changing the loader buckets.

Model: ZL 16(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1600
Overall dimension (mm): 5200×1770×2710
Bucket width (mm): 1750
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.8
Max discharge height (mm): 3200
Weight (kg): 3300
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw): 48
Tyre: 20.5-16

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At last, in the process of road construction especially the high-grade highway construction, our small wheel loader is pretty useful to dig and fill the subgrade construction, load the asphalt and gather the cement concrete. In addition, our small front end loaders are very helpful to push the soil to make the ground flat and smooth.

How to Classify Our Small Payloader

Based on the engine types, our small payloaders can be classified into different models.

1.The engine model of the mini wheel loader is less than 22.

2.The engine model of the small wheel loader is from 24 to 28.

3.The engine model of the medium wheel loader is the range from 2105 to 485.

4. The engine model of the advanced-configuration wheel loader is more than 4102.

Laigong specializes in producing various small wheel loaders with high price ratio.
Small Wheel Loaders ZL18

Model: ZL 18(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5240×1780×2770
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Yunnei 495 Pressurized(turbo engine)
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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What Are the Main Parts of Our Small Loading Shovel

Our small wheel loader parts are including the engine, the torque converter, the gearbox, the front and rear drive axle and the frame chassis.

1.The engine

2.The gearbox

3.The working hydraulic circuit of our small wheel loaders: hydraulic oil tank, the working pump, the multiway valve, lifting cylinders and the tipping cylinders.

4.The running oil circuit of our small wheel loader: the gearbox oil pan, the running pump and the transmission clutch.

5.The loader drive: transmission shaft, the main differential and the hub reduction gears.

6.The steering oil circuit of our small loader: the fuel tank, the steering pump, the stable- flow valve and the steering cylinders.

Laigong durable small front end loader/small wheel loader/small scoop loader.

Model: ZL 16(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg) 1600
Overall dimension (mm) 5200×1770×2750
Bucket width (mm) 1750
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.8
Max discharge height (mm) 3200
Weight (kg) 3500
Engine model Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw) 48
Tyre 20.5-16

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The Current Situation of the Best Small Wheel Loader Manufacturer

Laigong manufacturer insists that the quality should be the foundation and the customers should be the first place. Our factory gains the well-deserved reputation in the field of construction equipment by virtue of the high-quality small loading shovel and considerate services. Laigong wheel loader manufacturer sticks to the conception of high-quality construction equipment and the thinking innovation. We advocate the enterprise style- all staff should be in step. We sticks to take advantage of high technology to expand the wheel loader market further.

In addition, the wheel loader market never stop changing, all we should do is to adapt to the whole loader market, follow the market, expand the wheel loader market and lead the construction equipment market in the end. Everything is changing, but one thing is not going to change. That’s our integrity in the process of producing and selling our products. We will never stop going after the superior quality of payloader.

For customers, our company will provide the superior quality small wheel loader and the best service of wheel loaders. Laigong manufacturer would like to make sure that you enjoy the whole achievements in the process of driving our small wheel loaders. For all Laigong staff, we offer them enough development space to improve themselves. Laigong manufacturer is glad to help our staff improve their life quality and achieve their value of life, in the process of diligently working for producing excellent small wheel loaders.

Moreover, Laigong wheel loader manufacturer has owned some essential techniques in the field of the small loading shovel. However, we won’t satisfied with the current situation. Our company will spare no effort to develop new technology of making small loaders. The ultimate purpose of our company is to master the world core technologies of the small wheel loader as many as we can. We strive to present our proud small wheel loaders to the world at a stretch. However, regardless the hardship, we will never forget the original intention of starting our career. It is to serve the society and to pay back society.

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