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Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufacturers

Wheel loader manufacturers are countless. However, to find reliable loader manufacturers is not an easy thing but an important part for customers. Loader industry is one of the earliest and the rapidest developing industries of engineering machinery in China. Moreover, Laigong is deemed as one of the best wheel loader manufactures in China. Our Chinese wheel loader output and sales volume keep developing. Chinese loader manufacturers have went through the difficult development. However. It is the effort that these manufacturers made that makes the great progress in the world loader industries. At present, there are still some developing companies. Their products may be weeded out gradually. Then, the vital problem is how to be an excellent loader manufacturer?


Laigong is one of the best wheel loader manufactures in China ZL18
Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufactures ZL18

Model: ZL 18(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5130×1780×2760
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai 4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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How to Be Excellent Wheel Loader Manufacturers

To be excellent wheel loader manufacturers means that you should do well not just in a thing. You are supposed to think and achieve in many ways. Laigong manufacturer sticks to following the work criterion to make sure the quality of bucket loaders. We have our own outlooks as follows.

1.The outlook on quality

2.The outlook on talents

3.The moral value

Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufactures ZL20

Model: ZL 20(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2000
Overall dimension (mm): 6600×2050×2870
Bucket width (mm): 2000
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 5500
Engine model: Yuchai4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 76
Tyre: 16/70-20

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1.The Outlook On Quality

Laigong manufacturer is concerned about the quality of every wheeled loader. We believe that details is the key to success. Wheel loader manufacturers should stick to select high-quality equipment and high-standard attachments. In addition, there are two factors influencing the product quality much. For one thing, it is very important for wheel loader manufacturer to introduce advanced technology. Advanced technology will infuse fresh blood into the construction equipment for wheel loader manufacturers.

However, Laigong manufacturer thinks that only introducing advanced technology is not enough. The most important thing is to learn the advantages of advanced technology and to develop your products. Laigong manufacturer thinks the quality of product is like soil to flowers, and the innovation is like fertilizer to flowers. For another thing, it is pretty necessary for front end loader manufacturers to check the quality of pay loader by using advanced equipment. How do excellent wheel loader manufacturers guarantee high qualities of your wheeled loading shovels? Laigong manufacturer cares about every detail in the process of producing to make sure high quality. However, after producing, we widely use the advanced equipment to check the quality of our articulated wheel loaders. Moreover, we even use the microscopes to scan the shortcomings of our bucket loaders. We spare no effort to control the problems in the bud. What we actually do is just to offer the high- quality construction wheel loaders and high- efficiency service to our customers.

Laigong- one of the best wheel loader manufactures is famous for our payloaders/bucket loaders. ZL25 has big loader bucket.
Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufactures ZL25

Model: ZL 25(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2500
Overall dimension (mm): 6740×2050×2960
Bucket width (mm): 2200
Bucket capacity (m3): 1.2
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 6100
Engine model: Yuchai4105 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 85kw
Tyre: 16/70-24

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2.The Outlook On Talents

If you ask what makes Laigong successful? The answer is the intelligence. Wheel loader manufacturers are supposed to attract talents. Laigong manufacturer attaches great importance to introducing, cultivating and employing talents. We stick to assigning jobs by virtue of the advantages of talents. Use the fit people to do the right things. The junior members should desire to advance. The middle managers should have responsibility. The senior leaders are supposed to have enterprise. The manufacturing groups are cautious about every detail they do. The marketing personnel can be more flexible. The support crew need to do their utmost to deal with things. Wheel loader manufacturers will help staff realize their own potentials, in order to find the right posts in companies. However, the right position is temporary. It may be suitable for you yesterday but not today, and it may be suitable for you today but not tomorrow. All the members should try their best to make progress and achievements with our company. Even some active members will surpass the development speed of company. Only in this way, can wheel loader manufacturers keep their excellent positions and hold their advantages in competitions.

Laigong,one of the best Chinese wheel loader manufacturer,specializes in producing various payloaders/front end loaders.
Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufactures ZL926

Model: ZL 16(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1600
Overall dimension (mm): 5200×1770×2710
Bucket width (mm): 1750
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.8
Max discharge height (mm): 3200
Weight (kg): 3300
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw): 48
Tyre: 20.5-16

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3. The Moral Value

For wheel loader manufacturers, the morality is the vital thing in the process of trading. Only when you conduct and think righteously, can you create the stable-quality and high- quality articulated loaders. Laigong manufacturer believes that only when we keep our promise, can we provide pure services. In order to satisfy and surprise our customers, our company strives to do what we have promised. Thus, Laigong manufacturer wins the trust of our customers and the respect of the whole society. Laigong members are virtuous and righteous. You can clearly see our effort, moral qualities and sincerity through our products.

Laigong, one of the best wheel loader manufacturers,is welcomed by majority of our customers.
Laigong- One of the Best Wheel Loader Manufactures Model ZL18

Model: ZL 18(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5240×1780×2770
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Yunnei 495 Pressurized(turbo engine)
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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The Wheel Loader Industry Characteristics

The wheel loader industry started from the early 1960s with nearly 60- year history. Our wheel loader industry has been developed rapidly especially after the implement of the reform and opening-up policy. Many wheel loader manufacturers have introduced the foreign advanced technologies. At the moment, this action has quickened the paces of the development of wheel loaders. At that time, a great number of enterprises have achieved the technical reform.

In the 1980s, Chinese wheel loaders introduced the technology from Japan and America. By absorbing the foreign technology, we invent Chinese second generation wheel loaders. The quality and performance of our second generation wheel loaders have lived up to the advanced standard of international loaders at that time. Later, our loaders have been updated further both in appearance and in the whole structures. The main performances of Chinese wheel loaders have met the requirements of advanced standard. We will keep improving the reliability, the comfort degree and the working efficiency. Now, our rubber tired loaders are popular not only in China but also in foreign countries such as Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Surinam and Russia.

From the early 1990s, the loader market was pretty prosperous. Many wheel loader manufacturers developed new loaders to expand the market. At that time, some private enterprises took part in the Chinese wheel loader industry. Private enterprises made great influence on the construction equipment market. Private companies had flexible mechanism and low production cost. There was fierce competition among loader manufacturers. However, Laigong manufacturer thinks that the right things we should do are to rely on technical support, make innovation, improve the working efficiency and the after- sales service. Laigong manufacturer strives to improve the technology and reduce the cost in these years. What we did is to provide higher-quality heavy machinery for our customers.

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