Laigong compact wheel loader ZL15 is very durable and comfortable.
  • Laigong wheel loader is very popular in China.
    Laigong Wheel Loader

Compact Articulated Wheel Loader

Compact articulated wheel loader refers to a kind of compact loader, driven by four wheels and divided into two parts, which is connected with the hinge joint. The compact articulated wheel loader is widely used in different places from farm to landscaping. Also, this kind of wheel loaders have an advantage over the larger machines like medium loaders. Compared with the other wheel loaders, compact articulated wheel loaders are lighter in weight, compact in the whole structure, delicate in appearance and pretty versatile. Compared with crawler loaders, our compact articulated wheel loaders are light weight, high-speed, flexible and high-efficiency.

Construction loaders are widely used because the wheels do almost no harm to the road surface. But the crawler loaders feature low speed, lack of flexibility, high price and is easy to damage the road, due to its heavy in weight. With so many advantages, compact articulated wheel loaders are quite popular all over the world. Now, do you also desperately want one to help your work? Don’t be so hurried. Let’s get the best compact articulated wheel loader.

Laigong® compact articulated wheel loader/ front end bucket loader/scoop loaders/payloadersZL15
Laigong® Compact Articulated Wheel Loader ZL15

Model: ZL 15(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1500
Overall dimension (mm): 5300×1750×2720
Bucket width (mm): 1700
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.5
Max discharge height (mm): 3150
Weight (kg): 3000
Engine model: Changchai ZN490B
Rated power (kw): 38
Tyre: 20.5-16

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Laigong® Compact articulating loaders are reliable and durable.ZL18 is one of the hottest models.
Laigong® Compact Articulating Loaders ZL18

Model: ZL 18(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5130×1780×2760
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai 4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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First Step: To Find the Best Compact Articulated Wheel Loader Manufacturer

With more than 20-year glorious history, Laigong manufacturer play a leader role among compact wheel loader manufacturers in China. Our company produces various construction equipment like wheel loaders, forklift and tip lorry with well-developed quality management system. Our integrity and product qualities are well praised by our customers. Seated in beautiful Laizhou Gulf, Jiaodong Peninsula, our company has a great advantage both in land transportation and waterway transportation. Full of multitudinous precise and advanced specialized technical talented people, Laigong manufacturer is skilled in making a variety of mini, compact, small and middle wheel loaders. Especially, Laigong manufacturer values the production of compact articulated wheel loaders a lot.

Our technology in wheel loaders is pretty mature and we will continue to improve our skills of wheel loader because constantly perseverance in becoming stronger, making effort to progress and be bold in blazing new trails are our enterprise spirit. Our articulated wheel loader is featured by economical and practical. Besides, there are many other important strengths of Our articulated wheel loader such as wide in vision, efficient in producing, convenient to maintain and saving in labour. Reading here, you must have a basic understanding that how strong the Laigong manufacturer is.

Laigong® Compact articulated wheel loader/ payloader/construction equipment loader/ front end loader ZL16 sells best.
Laigong® Compact Articulating Wheel Loader ZL16

Model: ZL 16(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg) 1600
Overall dimension (mm) 5200×1770×2750
Bucket width (mm) 1750
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.8
Max discharge height (mm) 3200
Weight (kg) 3500
Engine model Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw) 48
Tyre 20.5-16

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Second Step:To Meet Your Coveted Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders

As for our compact articulated wheel loader, it is suitable for various places and popular at home and abroad. Our compact articulated wheel loaders have a lot of advantages as follows.

①Spacious cab.


③Environmentally friendly performance.

④Multiduty performance.

⑤The Durability.

⑥Exquisite appearance.

Laigong® compact articulating Loaders /compact articulated wheel loaderZL20 is four-wheel drive.
Laigong® Compact Articulating Wheel Loader ZL20

Model: ZL 20(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2000
Overall dimension (mm): 6600×2050×2870
Bucket width (mm): 2000
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 5500
Engine model: Yuchai4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 76
Tyre: 16/70-20

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Third Step: To Totally Attract You In the Details of the Compact Articulated Loader

❶ Spacious Cab of the Compact Articulated Wheel Loader

Our compact articulated wheel loaders have a comparative spacious cab, in which operators can easily move and operate more comfortably. The spacious cab can not only keep out wind and rain as a shelter, but also make the maintenance of shovel loaders easily. This design making the cab more accessible is quite popular among drivers.

❷ The Flexibility of Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders

Due to the articulating design, our compact articulated wheel loader is made of two parts the front part and the rear part. Both the two parts are linked by the vertical pin. The special design of the whole compact articulated wheel loaders play a decisive role in the flexibility of our heavy equipment loaders.

❸ The Environmental-friendly Performance of Compact Articulated Loader

As we know, Loaders with diesel engines are low energy consumption. Laigong manufacturer adheres to the conception of energy conservation and environment protection. All of our compact articulated loader adopts diesel engine to economize energy and reduce carbon emission as much as possible.

Laigong® compact articulated wheel loader/ front end loader/bucket loader/payloader ZL12
Laigong® Compact Articulated Wheel Loader ZL12

Model: ZL 12(four-cylinder)
Load capacity (kg): 1200
Overall dimension (mm): 5140×1600×2670
Bucket width (mm): 1580
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.4
Max discharge height (mm): 2900
Weight (kg): 2580
Engine model: Changchai ZN485
Rated power (kw): 31
Tyre: 8.25-16

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❹ The Multiduty Performance of Compact Articulated Wheel Loaders

Compact articulated wheel loader is widely used in various fields at present such as landscaping, farm and construction sites. When we don’t use all of the engeering machinery very often, then we do not need buy so many construction equipment such as forklifts, shovel loaders and dump trucks for different uses. If you want to make full use of your loader machine, then a versatile articulated loader is necessary. However, compact articulated wheel loaders of Laigong will be your smart choice.

❺ The Durable Performance of the Compact Articulated Loader

There is an old saying in China that “Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs.” Just like our compact articulated loaders, they are compact in shape, but strong enough in structures. Our factory adopts rolled steel as main material to ensure the firmness of the compact articulated wheel loaders.

❻ The Exquisite Appearance of our Compact Articulated Loaders

Laigong manufacturer not only pay attention to the qualities of loaders, but also is particular about the appearance. Therefore, our shovel loaders adopt advanced technology and ideas to develop the whole design. For example, the compact loaders have the streamlined design, looking elegant and exquisite.

Laigong® compact articulated wheel loader ZL10 has strong power, superior stability and high quality.
Laigong® Compact Articulated Wheel Loader ZL10

Model: ZL 10
Load capacity(kg): 1000
Overall dimension(mm): 4820×1620×2480
Bucket width(mm): 1550
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.3
Max discharge height(mm): 2700
Weight(kg): 2270
Engine model: Changchai L28M
Rated power: 20(kw)
Tyre: 8.25-16

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The Last Step: Bring the Compact Articulated Loader Back to Home

We welcome old friends and new customers to have an inspection or purchase in our factory. Also, we are glad to accept your ordering all over the world. Our company hold the purpose that the quality and customers should be the first place. Our company provides the excellent products and service for customers with the whole heart and soul. Moreover, our original gearbox makes it more convenient to operate. At the same time, the maintenance reduced by 40% and the work efficiency improved by20%. In addition, we welcome retailers, new and old customers all over the world to come here to negotiate business.

Our articulated loaders compact have considerate after-sales service, which is the important part of the service of our compact articulated loader. To well deal with this point makes a difference in the quality and integrality of our compact articulated wheel loader. It also matters whether our customers can get their complete satisfaction or not. However, this exactly is the very important thing for our Laigong manufacture. Because, your satisfaction is the best feedback for us.

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