• Laigong wheel loader is very popular in China.
    Laigong Wheel Loader

Chinese Wheel Loaders For Sale

Going through decades of development, Chinese wheel loaders have made great progress in the field of wheel loader industry. What the most praiseworthy thing is that the sales volume of Chinese wheel loaders is more than 160,000. Although the international brands serried, Chinese loaders not only dominate the China market, but also occupy the overseas market. In 2007, Chinese loaders sales volume reached by over 7390. The export volume reached 2065.

In resent years, Chinese wheel loaders have developed with the super high speed. What’s more, the quality of our articulated loaders has been improved greatly.

Laigong® Chinese loaders/ articulated wheel loader/bucket loaders/ front end loader ZL12
Laigong® Chinese Loaders ZL12

Model: ZL 12(four-cylinder)
Load capacity (kg): 1200
Overall dimension (mm): 5140×1600×2670
Bucket width (mm): 1580
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.4
Max discharge height (mm): 2900
Weight (kg): 2580
Engine model: Changchai ZN485
Rated power (kw): 31
Tyre: 8.25-16

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Laigong® Chinese loaders are pretty popular especially the wheel loader madel ZL12
Laigong® Chinese Loaders ZL12

Model: ZL 12(two-cylinder)
Load capacity(kg): 1200
Overall dimension(mm): 5140×1600×2670
Bucket width(mm): 1580
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.4
Max discharge height(mm): 2900
Weight(kg): 2550
Engine model: Changchai 390
Rated power(kw): 25
Tyre: 8.25-16

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The Star Enterprise In the Field of Chinese wheel loaders- Laigong Manufacturer

Laigong manufacturer is the Star Enterprise in the field of Chinese wheel loaders. With the rapid development, Chinese wheel loader is welcomed in more and more countries. Laigong manufacturer seizes the new trend and keeps on chasing after higher quality Chinese wheel loader. Our company follows the various national regulations, in order to offer best service to our customers. Laigong manufacturer sticks to explore new technology and strives to be the leading brand of Chinese wheel loaders. Moreover, we insist on establishing our brand and keeping on improving our brand value in the field of Chinese loader. Only when our company strives to be stronger and stronger, can Laigong manufacturer remain the invincible place in the field of Chinese wheel loader under the new situation. At the same time, only when we continue to innovate more high-quality bucket loaders, can our company gets a leg up on the competition of overseas market in the long run.

What Contributions Does Laigong Manufacturer Make to Chinese Wheel Loader

Laigong manufacture insists on the principle of selling agent system. We will continue to strengthen our advantages in the field of Chinese wheel loaders such as quality,service and the price ratio. Our Chinese loaders have formed the service network throughout China even all over the world. Then, some people may ask that what advantages drive Chinese wheel loader to be seen and used by more and more people around the world?

1.The best seller among Chinese construction equipment manufacturers

2.Chinese wheel loader specialist – Laigong

3.New-type gearbox invented by Laigong manufacturer

4.Future plan-to make more contributions to Chinese loaders.

Laigong® Chinese Loaders/Chinese front end loader ZL16 with high price ratio.
Laigong® Chinese Loaders ZL16

Model: ZL 16(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1600
Overall dimension (mm): 5200×1770×2710
Bucket width (mm): 1750
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.8
Max discharge height (mm): 3200
Weight (kg): 3300
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw): 48
Tyre: 20.5-16

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What Specific Advantages of Our Chinese Loader

1.The Best Seller Among Chinese Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Laigong small and medium articulating loaders are now in active demand. The sales volume of our small and medium bucket loader has been number one in consecutive 15 years. Laigong manufacturer has made great contribution to boosting the economy including the export economy growth of Chinese loaders.

2.Chinese Wheel Loader Specialist – Laigong

The output and sales volume of Laigong construction loaders are always on top in China. Our Chinese loader has not only lived up to the domestic advanced level and met the world leading standard. Moreover, our loader machine has become China famous-brand engineering machinery. Laigong manufacturer has implemented the triune marketing services mechanism. The triune marketing services are including the whole loader machine sales, the maintenance service of our Chinese loaders and front end loader parts supply. Laigong manufacturer spares no effort to establish the first brand of Chinese wheel loaders. Our company will fundamentally assure of the unblocked marketing channels and better after-sales services.

Laigong® Chinese loaders/ payloader/scoop loaderZL18 with reasonable price and high performance
Laigong® Chinese Loaders ZL18

Model: ZL 18(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5240×1780×2770
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Yunnei 495 Pressurized(turbo engine)
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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Laigong® Chinese Wheel Loaders are high-quality,stable and high-efficient especially ZL20
Laigong® Chinese Wheel Loaders ZL20

Model: ZL 20(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2000
Overall dimension (mm): 6600×2050×2870
Bucket width (mm): 2000
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 5500
Engine model: Yuchai4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 76
Tyre: 16/70-20

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3.New-type Gearbox of Chinese loader Invented By Laigong Manufacturer

Laigong manufacturer has special bucket loader gearboxes, and our loader gearboxes have already acquired the national patent. In addition, many Chinese construction equipment manufacturers adopt our advanced technology of our gearboxes. On the one hand, our new-type Chinese loader gearboxes are beneficial to improve work efficiency. On the other hand, they make great contributions to reducing the use cost.

4.Future Plan – To Make More Contributions to Chinese Loaders.

Laigong manufacturer draws conclusion about the successful experience in more than 20 years. Also, our company depicts the developing blueprint in the field of Chinese wheel loaders. Our company puts forward the concept that concentrate on the field of the wheeled loading shovel to make more excellent products. We will try our best to push forward Laigong shovel wheel loader brand. For one thing, we will strive to improve our brand quality. For another thing, we will promote the brand stature from China famous brand to world famous brand. As Chinese construction equipment manufacturer, Laigong will be more active in becoming the respectable Chinese wheel loader manufacturer. In the end, we will lay the solid foundation for one hundred years of Laigong manufacturer. We want China and the world to witness the growth process of Laigong manufacturer.

Laigong® Chinese Wheel Loaders ZL10

Model: ZL 10
Load capacity(kg): 1000
Overall dimension(mm): 4820×1620×2480
Bucket width(mm): 1550
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.3
Max discharge height(mm): 2700
Weight(kg): 2270
Engine model: Changchai L28M
Rated power: 20(kw)
Tyre: 8.25-16

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Laigong® is famous for producing Chinese Wheel Loaders such asZL25
Laigong® Chinese Wheel Loaders ZL25

Model: ZL 25(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2500
Overall dimension (mm): 6740×2050×2960
Bucket width (mm): 2200
Bucket capacity (m3): 1.2
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 6100
Engine model: Yuchai4105 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 85kw
Tyre: 16/70-24

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The Current Situation of Chinese Loaders

According to the recent report, the four factors that promote the development of Chinese bucket loaders will continue to make new progress rapidly. Thus, Chinese loader market will still be prosperous in the future. In addition, the four main factors are including the energy industry, the construction of urbanization, the transportation infrastructure construction and the export market. As far as I am concerned, Chinese wheel loaders are probably going to have a grander prospect. As a manufacturer, we will try our best to put forward more new and useful ideas to facilitate the innovation and upgrading. What’s more, in the process of development, our products have a lot of room for development. Furthermore, our sales volume will rise to the new height. In the long run, Chinese articulated loader will have at least more than 15 years to get more development.

Recently, with the expanding of the investment proportion of foreign enterprises, the industry pattern is expected to be changed. Some small Chinese construction machinery manufacturers will be eliminated gradually. The market concentrate rate will be increased. The competition of Chinese wheel loader industry will be not only the competition of the products, but also the open competition of the shovel loader industry chain. Generally speaking, Chinese wheel loaders will stay active and even more active in the domestic and foreign construction equipment markets in the future time. Furthermore, as China famous wheel loader manufacturer, Laigong manufacturer will be bold in exploring new advanced technology about wheel loaders to make more contributions to Chinese wheel loaders.

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