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Best Wheel Loader For Sale

Wheel loaders consist of the engines, the gearboxes, the torque converters, the front and the rear axles. Some one has said that there is no best brand but there is the best product. The best wheel loader in Laigong is a big hit. Our best wheel loaders are including ZL16, ZL18 and ZL20. They are generally used to shovel gravel, coal, cement and dirt. Our products shovel and load materials by the movement of the work devices. We adopt the hydraulic system to achieve the turnover of buckets and the lifting work of arms.

Laigong best front end loaders ZL18 has excellent durability,superior quality and high efficiency.
Laigong best front end loaders ZL18


Model: ZL 18(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5130×1780×2760
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai 4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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The Characteristics of Our Best Wheel Loader

Laigong manufacturer sticks to adopt the superior devices to make sure the quality of our products. Our company are devoted into offering the high-quality products. As for a heavy equipment manufacturer, we know clearly that what challenges and difficulties our customers are faced with. Thus, about your safety, you can’t be more careful than us.

1. The Divided Axle

The best wheel loader is supposed to be equipped with the best devices. There are a number of advantages the divided axle has. Thus, the divided axle is frequently used in heavy equipment. Our loader machinery is equipped with the divided axles to improve the stability and the trafficability.

Laigong® best wheel loader ZL16 is pretty popular. Our best wheel loader has high performance ratio.
Laigong® best wheel loader ZL16


Model: ZL 16(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1600
Overall dimension (mm): 5200×1770×2710
Bucket width (mm): 1750
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.8
Max discharge height (mm): 3200
Weight (kg): 3300
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw): 48
Tyre: 20.5-16

①The divided axle is helpful for our bucket loaders to gain more ground clearance.

② It can reduce the unsprung mass and improve the ride comfort.

③ The structure of the divided axle is complicated, but it can improve the speed to a great extent.

④ It can reduce the dynamic load of the wheels and the axles.

⑤ It can increase the service life of the attachments.

⑥ The divided axle makes our best wheel loader much easier to adjust to various terrains.

⑦ It increases the anti-skid performance.

⑧If the matched independent suspension guide mechanism is designed reasonably, the handling stability of our loader machines can be improved greatly.

2.The Pilot Operation

There are two kind of operating system the mechanic operation and the pilot operation. Our products adopts both of them. So you can choose the operating type that you want. The mechanic operation refers to the joysticks control the actions of loaders by pulling the flexible-shaft machine and pushing the valve elements. The pilot operation controls the valve elements by the hydraulic circuits. Our best wheel loader is equipped with the pilot operation. If you want a articulated front end loader with high comfort, the pilot operation is more suitable for you. In addition, the pilot operation can make you not easy to get fatigued. However, if you want to experience the driving pleasure, the mechanic operation may meet your requirements.

Laigong has best loaders / front end loader such as ZL20
Laigong best loader ZL20


Model: ZL 20(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 2000
Overall dimension (mm): 6600×2050×2870
Bucket width (mm): 2000
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3600
Weight (kg): 5500
Engine model: Yuchai4102 Pressurized
Rated power (kw): 76
Tyre: 16/70-20

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3.The Special Gearbox

Our company sticks to offering our customers a more efficient product. The gearbox makes a great difference in the working speed. Therefore, we have invented a new gearbox. The special gearbox is the patent project in our company. Furthermore, our best wheel loader for farm adopts the advanced technology to improve the working efficiency of the whole machinery. Our construction loader transmissions have four gears to improve the speed in specific loading conditions. Whether the machinery is no-load or half-load even full-load, the speed will still be higher than the others. For one thing, our invention has filled in gaps in advanced technology. For another thing, drivers can improve their working efficiency with great realizability. What’s more, we are devoted to making the impossible possible and we will put it into practice unremittingly.

For Loader Technology Enthusiasts

1.The Drive Axle

If you want the best wheel loader, first your bucket wheel loader must have the drive axle. The drive axle is at the end of the power train. It consists of the main transmission, differential mechanism, half axle, hub reduction gear and drive axle. The drive axle has many basic functions. First, transfer the engine torque of universal gearing to the drive wheels through the following parts main transmission, the differential and the half axle. It can reduce the revolving speed and increase the torque. Second, change the direction of transfer of torque by the bevel gear wheels. Third, bear the vertical force, longitudinal force and the horizontal force. Forth, equitably distribute the power to the left and the right wheels. However, the drive axles of Chinese wheel loaders are including the divided axles and the tandem axles.

Laigong® best wheel loader ZL18 has high price ratio.
Laigong® best wheel loader ZL18


Model: ZL 18(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1800
Overall dimension (mm): 5240×1780×2770
Bucket width (mm): 1900
Bucket capacity (m3): 1
Max discharge height (mm): 3500
Weight (kg): 3750
Engine model: Yunnei 495 Pressurized(turbo engine)
Rated power (kw): 60
Tyre: 16/70-16

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2.The Basic Requirements

Our best wheel loader should have high-quality drive axles. Then, for designers, what requirements the drive axles should meet?

First, choose the proper final ratio. In this way, we can make sure the rubber tired loaders are equipped with the optimal dynamic property and fuel economy.

Second, as for the differential, on the one hand, it will make sure the rolling performances of the left and right driving wheels. On the other hand, the differential can reposefully transmit the torque to the driving wheels.

Third, it happened that the adhesive conditions of the left and right driving wheels to the ground may be inconsistent. At that time, as for our best wheel loader, the drive axle will make a great difference. It has strong ability to ensure the drive axles make full use of the driving force.

Four, to make the best wheel loader, the gabarite should be designed in a small size. Make sure the bucket loaders have enough ground clearance, in order to meet the need of the trafficability characteristic.

Five, insure that the wheel gears and the other driving mediums work smoothly. The noise should be reduced to a minimum.

Six, the transmission efficiency is supposed to keep high, whether under various loading conditions or different rotate speeds.

Seven, a good-quality drive axle should be equipped with sufficient strength and stiffness, because the best wheel loader should have enough durability. Only when the drive axle is strong enough, can it bear and transmit the various forces and moments of force. In this condition, lower the weight as much as possible especially the unsprung mass. Reduce the impact load of the bumpy road and improve the ride comfort of loaders.

Eight, coordinate with the movement of the suspension guide mechanism.

Nine, the structures of the drive axles should be simply. The processing technic should be exquisite. In addition, the good-quality drive axles can make the maintenance and adjustment easier and more convenient.

Laigong® best wheel loader ZL926 is one of the hottest wheel loaders in Laigong.
Laigong® best wheel loader ZL926


Model: ZL 926(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg) 1600
Overall dimension (mm) 5200×1770×2750
Bucket width (mm) 1750
Bucket capacity (m3) 0.8
Max discharge height (mm) 3200
Weight (kg) 3500
Engine model Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw) 48
Tyre 20.5-16

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How to Find the Best Chinese Wheel Loader

No one wants to abandon the chance to have the best wheel loader. Just as what I said, the best brand does not exist. However, there only exists the best front end loader. Then, what is the best wheel loader? As far as I am concerned, the best wheel loaders refer to the most suitable loaders. When we buy loader machinery, we have many specific requirements to the machine that we are going to buy. Someone may demand the cheap one with mechanic operating system, but some people are likely to purchase the construction loaders with large buckets and spacious cabs. Different customers have their different goals and eager to different machinery. Only the articulated wheel loader can help you finish your tasks perfectly, will this product be the best one for you.

You Deserve the Best Front End Loader

1.The Right-hand Tool

Our heavy equipment wheel loaders have high performance ratio. They are not only cheap but also high-quality. Many customers told us that our best construction equipment can help them deal with their work excellently.

2. The Affordable Equipment

In addition, these machines are very versatile. It means that you buy a construction loader is equal to buy a loader, a forklift, a loader trencher and even a auger, because our rubber tired loaders are equipped with quick-attach-detach devices. You can choose different attachments, according to the concrete requirements. All in all, if you desire a cheap and superior-quality bucket loader, it won’t be more suitable for you to choose Laigong manufacturer.

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