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    Laigong Wheel Loader

Best Compact Wheel Loader For Sale

Generally speaking, front end loaders are widely used to shovel, load, unload and transport various material such as garbage, soil, detritus and sand. Moreover, front loaders have various sizes such as mini, compact, small and medium wheel loaders. Furthermore, the compact wheel loader refers to the compact loader driven by wheels. Compact loaders become popular around the world because of the compact design and versatile performances.

Laigong compact wheel loader ZL 12 has reasonable price and superior quality.
Laigong compact wheel loader ZL 12


Model: ZL 12(four-cylinder)
Load capacity (kg): 1200
Overall dimension (mm): 5140×1600×2670
Bucket width (mm): 1580
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.4
Max discharge height (mm): 2900
Weight (kg): 2580
Engine model: Changchai ZN485
Rated power (kw): 31
Tyre: 8.25-16

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Laigong®compact front loader ZL15 is versatile.
Laigong®compact front loader ZL15


Model: ZL 15(hydraulic drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1500
Overall dimension (mm): 5460×1750×2720
Bucket width (mm): 1700
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.5
Max discharge height (mm): 3150
Weight (kg): 3100
Engine model: Changchai ZN490B
Rated power (kw): 38
Tyre: 20.5-16

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Best Compact Wheel Loader For Sale

The excellent people in Laigong went through numerous difficulties and dangers to invent and research for many years. At the same time, our compact wheel loader has been born 20 years ago. During 20-year continuous improvement, our bucket loaders are at the leading level in China. Moreover, the output and sales volume of our compact wheel loader for sale have been number one in China for continuous 15 years. It is because Laigong compact front end loader has the special advantages that the other loader manufacturers don’t have.

1.New technology

2. The humanized design

3. The maneuverability

4. The light body

5.New ideas for the compact front loader

Laigong® compact front end loader ZL10 is a typical model of Laigong compact wheel loaders
Laigong® compact front end loader ZL10


Model: ZL 10
Load capacity(kg): 1000
Overall dimension(mm): 4820×1620×2480
Bucket width(mm): 1550
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.3
Max discharge height(mm): 2700
Weight(kg): 2270
Engine model: Changchai L28M
Rated power: 20(kw)
Tyre: 8.25-16

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New Technology Our Compact Wheel Loaders Adopt

To make high-quality construction equipment, we stick to adopt the advanced technology and high-quality devices. Thus, our compact wheel loader has its advantages in compatibility of wheel loader attachments. In general, special new-type control devices will make your driving more comfortable.

The Humanized Design of Compact Front End Loaders

Our compact wheel loaders have comfortable cabs to reduce the fatigue of operators. What’s more, in order to make it easier for drivers to operate, our machines are equipped with the stepless speed changes devices. This way won’t slow down the speed of your compact wheel loader.

Laigong compact wheel loaders ZL12 has big power and four-wheel drive.
Laigong compact wheel loaders ZL12


Model: ZL 12(two-cylinder)
Load capacity(kg): 1200
Overall dimension(mm): 5140×1600×2670
Bucket width(mm): 1580
Bucket capacity(m3): 0.4
Max discharge height(mm): 2900
Weight(kg): 2550
Engine model: Changchai 390
Rated power(kw): 25
Tyre: 8.25-16

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The Maneuverability of Our Compact Front Loader

First of all, our compact wheel loaders adopts double independent arms. Moreover, double independent construction loader arms can make that compact wheel loader have higher breakout force. In addition, the compact size design is able to improve the maneuverability and transportation capability. Furthermore, our compact loaders adopt more reasonable short wheelbase to narrow the turning radius. In this way, the front end loader maneuverability has been improved greatly.

The Light Body of Our Compact Loaders

Our compact loader, light in weight, occupies just small floor space. In addition, the compact design is beneficial to be loaded and transported easily. Although the whole machine is compact, it has strong power to help you complete different hard tasks.

Our New Ideas About Loader Machine

Also, our compact wheel loaders adopt particulate matter catalyst in the process of CEGR. At the same time, this solution means the diesel engines DOC and the efficient flow filters of our compact loader don’t have to be changed. Compared with the traditional DPF, DOC is able to turn the emitted off-gas into the neutral gas. Moreove, the remaining particulate matter of compact wheel loaders can be stored and burnt in the efficient flow filters.

Laigong compact wheel loader ZL15 is very durable and comfortable.
Laigong compact wheel loader ZL15


Model: ZL 15(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1500
Overall dimension (mm): 5300×1750×2720
Bucket width (mm): 1700
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.5
Max discharge height (mm): 3150
Weight (kg): 3000
Engine model: Changchai ZN490B
Rated power (kw): 38
Tyre: 20.5-16

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The Rapidly Developed Chinese Compact Front End Loaders

Chinese compact front end loaders have been rapidly developed from low standard, inferior quality,low price and functional type to high standard, superior quality, reasonable price and economical and practical type. At the same time, Chinese compact wheel loader manufacturers attach great importance to the technology input. As a matter of fact, many prime articulated loader manufacturers adopt different technical routes to make technological innovation in critical attachments and systems. What’s more, to make technological innovation is to get rid of the awkward condition. After years of effort, Chinese heavy equipment elites make full use of their valuable intelligence and advanced experience to make Chinese compact wheel loaders to be the the front runner. As the excellent loader manufacturer, Laigong manufacturer adopts various measures to improve our product further. Moreover, we are going to make efforts to create more special and advanced Chinese compact loaders

Laigong® compact front end loaders ZL926 is the hottest model of Laigong.
Laigong® compact front end loaders ZL926


Model: ZL 16(shaft drive)
Load capacity (kg): 1600
Overall dimension (mm): 5200×1770×2710
Bucket width (mm): 1750
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.8
Max discharge height (mm): 3200
Weight (kg): 3300
Engine model: Huayuan Weichai ZH4102
Rated power (kw): 48
Tyre: 20.5-16

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More Progresses Compact Wheel Loader Manufacturers Should Make

1.According to the actual situations of construction equipment manufacturers, there are some things have to be done. For example, redesign the whole loader machine, optimize various performance indicators and strengthen the firmness and stiffness of our loader components to improve the durable performance further.

2.Refine the compact wheel loader system structures. The structures may be including the vibration of the dynamical system, structural optimization of cooling system, performance index optimization of working devices and the dust prevention and industrial moulding design of every loader hinge joints.

3.Take advantage of electronic technique and the load sensing technology to achieve the automatic gear shifting of our loader gearboxes and the application of the hydraulic variable system of the construction equipment. These are the effective ways to improve the working efficiency of the compact wheel loader, save the energy sources and reduce the loader activity cost.

More Steps Chinese Compact Front End Loader Manufacturers Can Take

1. Improve the security and comfort of our products. The cabs are gradually equipped with FOR&ROPS functions. The cabs environment of compact wheel loaders will be changed based on the car cab environment. The steering wheels, seats and the joysticks can be adjustable to ensure the driver at the optimal position.

2.Reduce the noise and emissions and strengthen the environmental index of the compact front end loader. With the enhancing of people’s environmental awareness, reducing the loader noise and emissions are extremely urgent. In addition, the noise and emission standards of motor vehicle have been established in many large cities. If the emission of construction equipment including compact wheel loader doesn’t meet the standards, the engineering machinery will be limited to use in these areas.

3.Utilize new materials, new crafts, new technology especially the integrated technology of electricity and hydraulic. In this way, we will improve the service life and the durability of our compact loaders.

The Efforts Laigong Wheel Loader Manufacturer Will Make

Simplify the loader maintenance and reduce wheel loader maintenance frequency and maintenance time furthest. In this point, we will try our best to improve the general quality of the machines. Furthermore, Laigong manufacturer adopts the electronic surveillance and the monitoring technique. Laigong manufacturer will make effort to improve the fault diagnosis systems. Also, if necessary, we will offer drivers various solutions to eliminating the problems of your compact wheel loader. All we did is to help drivers operate the compact front end loaders easier and more comfortable.

Compact Wheel Loader VS Skid Steer

Compared with skid steer, compact wheel loaders have all four views, in order to help you  keep eyes on the progress of work. In addition, in view of the use cost, compact loaders can help you reduce the cost of tires and fuel consumption.

Compact Wheel Loader Comparisons

At past, we thought nothing can replace the advantages of skid steer. However, after the test of time, compact wheel loader shows more strong points than the skid steer. Moreover, as far as I am concerned, our compact loaders may be more flexible and practical.

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