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Laigong’s Trip to the Bauma China

Our company was invited to take part in a great number of the large exhibitions and activities. In 2014, our company has attended the bauma China in Shanghai. First of all, Bauma China is also called China International Engineering Machinery. Moreover, “bau” refers to “construction” in German. “ma” means machinery and equipment. Thus, this name is not fabricated out of thin air. In fact, bauma means “engineering machinery”.

front loader heavy equipment-the bauma China
heavy equipment wheel loader

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The bauma China is held biennially. Moreover, they offer the optimal opportunities for numerous purchasers. At present, the bauma China is the largest trade show in Asian-Pacific region. There were many people waiting here for listening and asking. At the moment, our business manager explained the specific information about our company to our visitors with patience.

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Our Algerian customer came here to discuss the concrete cooperation affairs. In addition, we had a pleasant talk at that time. Until now, we still keep our cooperation and we are going to expand our business in more regions.

Laigong Chinese Wheel Loaders
Laigong small articulating wheel loaders

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Many clients got in touch with us, after the bauma China. They came to visit our factory and our office. After visiting, we shared a supper with them. During the dinner, we talked a lot about the further cooperation. At present, more and more foreign clients keep the long-term cooperative relationship with us.

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Small wheel loader manufacturers

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Some clients have become our business agents. Now, we have a large number of agents all over the world including Vietnam and the Philippines. Moreover, we have our own wheel loader warehouses in Pakistan.

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small articulated loader for sale

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However, we are not satisfied yet. We want more and more countries to see us – Laigong manufacturer. Furthermore, we are looking forward to share our products all over the world. Also, if you are interested in our superior-quality wheel loaders, we are eager for your participation.